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  Fundraising Ideas for Kids
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Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Fundraising Ideas For Kids The last thing you want when looking at fundraising ideas for kids, are products that people really do not want, need or have to over-pay for. We have all seen them, over-priced products that kids are selling multiple times a year. If we ever did want these products, we could easily get them ourselves and pay a lot less for them.

Years upon years of fundraising experience, combined with proven results has revealed to us one thing. And that is, out of all the fundraising ideas for kids available, providing top quality fundraising discount cards have consistently outperformed the typical over-priced products that kids are usually selling. This is because with supreme fundraising discount cards, supporters easily get their money back in just a couple uses and in most cases, they go on to save hundreds over the year. This is much better than paying too much for products that you really do not want or need - supporters all over know this.

Tired of looking for fundraising ideas for kids that actually work?

Thousands continue to come back to us each year and choose to use our fundraising discount cards as their #1 fundraiser for the year. Our cards have proven results because they come with the best discounts and the most discounts in the industry - huge savings. They appeal to everyone and come with substantial savings to favorite restaurants, entertainment, movies, recreation, shopping, bowling, golf and so much more - your supporters will love the cards. Everyone, and we mean everyone can benefit from owning a card, which makes them extremely easy to sell. Along with the thousands of discounts, supporters also receive our newest addition of a free $25 Savings Certificate to right off the bat. Fundraising ideas for kids doesn't get any easier than this.

Fundraising ideas for kids should include no upfront costs or minimum order

We fully understand that the kids are trying to raise money, which is why we do not require any upfront costs what-so-ever. In addition, we don't have a minimum order - you can't beat that!

Another great reason why thousands come back to us every year is that our fundraising discount cards work all over and are not limited to a certain areas. Because we have so many discounts (around 300,000 nationwide), kids can sell them to friends and family across town or out of state.

When it comes to looking at fundraising ideas for kids, selecting the right product is crucial to maximizing the kids efforts and ending with an extremely successful fundraiser. Give your supporters something of great value to them, rather than the typical over-priced products that they do not really need or want and you will realize amazing outcomes because you did so.

So, join the success that thousands have already had, stop your looking today and see why thousands choose us each and every year out of all the fundraising ideas for kids that are available today!

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Xtraman Fundraising provides customized, professionally designed fundraising cards. Our industry leading fundraising discount cards can include a logo, mascot, schedule, organization/team photo and much more...
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  When it comes to fundraising discount cards, don't give your supporters an inferior, low quality product. Give them the best available. The end result will be a greater profit for your program and supporters who will return year after year.  
  Randy Soderman
Xtraman Fundraising, National Director
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Chad Alexander is the owner of Dealer Auto Glass AZ. Chad is always willing to help out the local communities fundraising efforts whenever possible. Dealer Auto Glass AZ specializes in windshield replacements in the Phoenix area. Other locations of Dealer are Dealer Auto Glass Phoenix and Dealer Auto Glass Mesa, in Arizona. Thank you Chad for your support! Visit Dealer Auto Glass LV if you travel to Vegas or Dealer Auto Glass Tucson if you find yourself in Tucson. Also, see their parent site at Dealer Auto Glass Replacement of Arizona located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Done Your Way, is one of the communities favorite cleaners. Specializing in carpet cleaning for the Phoenix area, DYW Carpet Cleaning has been a long time supporter of the local communities fundraising efforts. Thank you for your support!

Community favorite Doug Sims at Big Daddy Swimming Pools can always be seen lending a helping hand to a number of organizations around the Valley. As one of the top, Doug makes sure to give back! Thanks Doug!

Space Solutions, a family owned and operated company is a huge supporter of local fundraising efforts. Located at Solutions Garage Cabinets, their efforts do not go unnoticed! Thanks SP!

Lastly, one of this month's largest supporters are the great people at Dealer Locksmith of Phoenix located in Arizona. From youth soccer to BMX racing, Dealer Locksmith is always on the lookout to help support their local communities fundraising efforts! Thanks Dealer Locksmith!

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