Funny Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is the best way to raise money for any cause or charity. There are different types of ideas available for fundraising. Each of these ideas fits perfectly in different situations. If you are looking for some of the best funny fundraising ideas that you can use for raising funds for any cause, then you are at the right space. If you want to create a fundraising environment which is fun and light-hearted, then funny ideas can be the ideal scenarios. 

Funny Fundraising Ideas

We are here to give you some funny ideas for fundraising and get some donations for your school’s cause, whether it be for a trip or for an after school club. Different fundraising events can help you to increase your funds. Read on to know more about the best fun-loving fundraising ideas.

Funny Fundraising Ideas

Different Fundraising ideas

  • Crazy Hair Day

This is a perfect fundraising idea for the schools. You can raise funds effectively using this funny idea. Make sure that those participating in the craziest hairstyle competition donate to your school. You will have a great time enjoying and laughing at the crazy and funny hairstyles. This can make you laugh as well as it can raise funds for any cause.

  • Crab Race

Another funny idea for fundraising is crab race. You can charge money from all the participants interested in this. Collect $5 or so from everyone. Take a bucket of crabs and number each of them on their back shell. You have to make a large circle on the ground and after than empty the crab bucket right into the middle of the circle. The winner will be the one that crosses the circle outer edge and comes out.

  • Dinnerware Smashing

Old or defective dinnerware is quite difficult to sell. So, you can ask the people to donate some of the plates, bowls etc. before the event. This can be a fun activity where people pay to smash and break them in a designated room. After all, it is for fun, and can relieve stress too! Just charge money based on the products they want to break. This can provide joy the people as well as some good funds for you.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best and funny fundraising ideas that you can try. All these ideas will help you to provide entertainment as well as fun to the participants and audience. But at the same time, it will also help you to raise a lot of money for your cause. When it comes to raising money for your school, you can also use local discount cards. Our team here at Xtraman Fundraising can help you set up a discount card fundraiser, where you can sell cards and bring in donations to your school from them. In exchange, your donors will have access to local discounts. These are ideal for school or college fundraising where the entertainment and fun factors play a major role.

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