What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers? – Key Ideas to Know

What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers

Raising funds is rarely as easy as it seems. Organizing a fundraising campaign requires you to come up with ideas that are engaging enough to get people involved. You want ideas that will motivate people to raise money for your cause and also have fun while doing it. So, what are some good ideas for fundraisers?

What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers
What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers

What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers?

In this article, we’ll point out a few interesting fundraising ideas that can help you to raise funds for your cause. They include everything from donating for talent to hosting a tie-dry party.

Yard Sale Fundraiser

What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers
What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers

Collect home goods, collectibles or gently worn clothes and host a yard sale. If you have signed collector’s items or first-edition books, for example, consider holding an auction for the top-tier items at the end of the day. Be sure to spread the word and open up donations to your supporters, staff and collective networks as well as philanthropists and local celebrities for those high-ticket items.

One of the best ways to generate buzz around the event is to take great pictures of the items and post them on social media. You might just find your next major sponsor while drumming up excitement around the event.

Donate for Talent

Crowdsource entertainment and put on a talent show. Be sure to decide on your vibe right off the bat by making it as high-end or as lowkey as you prefer. Raise funds by charging an entry fee and consider asking attendees to donate to cast votes. You can ask local vendors to provide prizes and create several categories for supporters to vote on.

Tie-Dye Party

T-shirt fundraisers that promote your cause are a classic way to raise funds, but you can take this idea a step further. One way to do so is to host a get together where people get an opportunity to create their own T-shirts. Charge a fee for entry, get local artists to create custom pieces to sell or offer to tie-dye participants’ items for a donation.

You can pair this fundraiser with some family friendly games, activities or crafts since making T-shirts isn’t a time-consuming activity.

Give It Up

This idea involves asking your fundraisers to give up a daily meal or beverage and instead donate the money they would have spent to a worthy cause. This fundraising idea demonstrates how even the smallest donation can make a huge difference. Share your impact and progress with your supporters then encourage them to ask the people in their networks to take action too and share their activity on social media.

Bike Relay Race

Take the traditional bike race fundraising idea and convert it into a team-oriented activity. Set up a relay style race and make sure you have prizes for the winners.

Bottom Line

So, what are some good ideas for fundraisers? The ideas mentioned above can help you raise more funds for your cause while engaging your donors. Other options to consider include hosting a trivia night, hosting a dance marathon or an athletic tournament among others. If you need additional help, do not hesitate to reach out to fundraising experts such as our team here at Xtraman Fundraising and look through frequently asked questions

Unusual Fundraising Ideas

It’s evident that raising money for a cause can be challenging. However, fundraising doesn’t always have to be cliché or boring. Whether you are part of a school community, nonprofit or any other organization, it helps to know a few unusual fundraising ideas that will add some fun and interest to your next fundraising event. Here are a few fundraising ideas to get your creative juices flowing and inject some fun into your fundraising.

Fundraising Ideas

Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is growing in popularity but it’s still a great way to raise funds. Start by setting up a page explaining the reason for your fundraising so that people can make their online donations.

This strategy is especially popular with nonprofits that are unable to invest a lot of capital in a fundraising campaign. Promote your crowdfunding campaign on social media and encourage followers to share.

There are plenty of crowdfunding websites you can use for your cause so choose one that best suits your objectives.


Unusual Fundraising Ideas

Hosting a classic gala can be a great way to organize a fundraising for generous donors, for example.

Galas give people of similar interests and passions and opportunity to get together over good food for a common cause. You can combine the gala with a raffle or silent auction to create some friendly fundraising competition.

A themed gala can make things unique. For instance, consider a movie-themed or Halloween costume party.

T-Shirt Fundraiser

Selling customized t-shirts is not only a fun and creative fundraising idea, but also a great way to let more people know about your cause.

Customize the t-shirts to explain your fundraising goals and design it to market your brand or commemorate an event. People who buy the t-shirts will remember your organization and the fantastic fundraising events you host.

Spread the word by featuring the t-shirts on your social media pages and website.

Video Game Tournament

Video game tournaments can make for a great fundraising full of fun and competition.

Bring your favorite video game console(s) and a couple of classic games. Ask potential participants for a small competition entry fee, and let the games begin.

Offer a prize for the winner at the end of the tournament. This may be a gift voucher or any other gift you consider appropriate.

Online Shopping

People love online shopping, and you can raise money by asking them to do just that, shopping online. Certain websites and tools allow you to receive donations from supporters who use these sites or tools.

A donor will simply download the tool, for example, and starts shopping online. Whenever he/she buys an item on a website that has discounts or offers, the tool will let them know how much they’re saving. A percentage of the money will then go toward your fundraiser or organization of the donor’s choice.

You can also apply the concept of this idea with fundraising cards from Xtraman Fundraising. Instead of shopping online, people can purchase fundraising cards that offer discounts to local businesses around the area. This idea is ideal for the consumers who maybe aren’t too tech savvy.

Next Steps

Remember to think critically before executing a unique fundraising idea. Consider your fundraising needs, resources, your fundraising team/ committee size and who your supporters are (or will likely be). Some fundraisers will work for certain groups such as high schools or sports teams, but won’t be ideal for others. So be sure to choose what will most likely work for your situation.