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  Fundraising Cards
Our fundraising cards come loaded with EVERYTHING which makes them extremely easy to sell!
  • Discounts
  • Discounts
  • Discounts
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...and much more, around 300,000 locations across the country!!!
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See why thousands choose us and continue to come back every year!
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Industry Leader

Discount Savings

  • Around 300,000 Locations
  • Substantial Discounts – Big Savings
  • Add Hand-Pick Merchants
  • Dining, Recreation, Movies, Shopping, Bowling, Theme Parks, Attractions, Golf and Much More!
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Personalized Cards

Xtraman Fundraising provides customized, professionally designed fundraising cards. Our industry leading fundraising discount cards can include a logo, mascot, schedule, organization/team photo and much more...
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  • Industry Leading Fundraising Cards
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  • No Minimum Order
  • We do all the work
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  When it comes to fundraising discount cards, don't give your supporters an inferior, low quality product. Give them the best available. The end result will be a greater profit for your program and supporters who will return year after year.  
  Randy Soderman
Xtraman Fundraising, National Director
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Featured Organization

Thousands of organizations continue to come back to us each and every year, why?

It turns out that, with years and years of experience in the fundraising industry, we continually found that everybody loves saving money at places they go to everyday, as opposed to over paying for products they can easily get themselves like candles, cookie dough, candy, magazines, or catalog items. It was with this eye-opening information that we decided to focus all of our resources into providing the industry's best fundraising discount cards. We fully understand that the superior the fundraising cards are, the easier they are to sell. And, we all know that the easier they are to sell, the more money you raise and the smoother your fundraiser goes. Today, we are proud to offer the Nation's #1 discount card fundraiser. Our fundraising discount cards have allowed thousands of teams, schools, groups, organizations and individuals to maximize their efforts when it comes to fundraising. The simple fact that thousands return to us year after year is a true testament as to how successful we were in our quest to create the industry's greatest discount card fundraiser.

The sheer quantity and quality of our discounts combined with the huge variety of discounts that come with our cards are quite amazing – dining, entertainment, shopping, recreation, theme parks, attractions, golf, movies, bowling, travel, and much, much more. Our fundraising discount cards have discount for everyone. No matter where they live or travel to, each one of your supporters will be able to benefit greatly from having a card. Fundraising doesn't get any easier!

Stop your looking today and join the thousands of organizations that are now maximizing their efforts by selling our fundraising discount cards. Not only will you get the most out of your fundraiser for this year, but each year that follows only gets easier. Your supporters will love the discounts!

Check Out What Our Fans Are Saying

What our customers are saying...

Below are a handful of comments that were taken from letters and emails sent into our corporate office.

checkmark Steve Ybarra - Centennial HS Head Track and Soccer Coach
"I have used many fundraising discount cards in the past and not one of them compares to your fundraising cards. The discounts that came with your fundraising cards made them extremely easy for our players to sell. Because of the huge amount of discounts and the quality, our kids were able sell to friends and family all over the state and country. We saw a huge increase in sales because of this! See you all next year..."

checkmark Mike Welnick - Head Fundraising Coordinator - Booster Club
"You all take great pride in offering an outstanding product for our supporters. There were so many discounts that came with your fundraising cards, that they appealed to everyone. As you could tell with our additional orders for more of your fundraising cards, they were extremely easy to sell. This was the first discount card fundraiser that our players and parents enjoyed being a part of. Keep up the quality of work, it does not go unnoticed!"

checkmark Lisa Bracht - Vistancia Elementary School - School Fundraising Ideas
"Thank you so much, again, for providing our elementary school with a high quality fundraising discount cards. Each year the parents look forward to doing this fundraiser and seeing the new fundraising cards. This year was our most profitable fundraiser ever since using your company over the past few years. As always, we look forward to working with you again next year. Thanks again!"

checkmark Tony Vining - CHS Head Basketball Coach - High School Fundraising Ideas
"I just had to write your company after being an extremely satisfied customer for two years now. We tried every product under the sun when it came to fundraising and it always seemed to be like pulling teeth to get our supporters to buy anything. Whether it was cookie dough, candles, candy, magazines, catalog sales, donations, you name it our supporters did not like over-paying for products. Fortunately, a friend recommended you all to me a couple years ago and we have never been happier. Our discount card fundraiser is a huge hit with our supporters and each year just keeps getting better! Fundraising doesn't get any easier than that."

checkmark Linsday Dugovich - Head Softball Coach Towson HS
"What a great experience, easiest and most profitable fundraiser we have ever done!"

checkmark Derrick - L. Sports Center
"You guys really know what you’re talking about in regards to supporter loyalty. I didn’t think the fundraising cards could do any better than last year, but this year's discount card fundraiser was even better."

checkmark Dino - Jonathon Dayton HS
"Your company was great, your sales rep Shana was prompt and efficient. She did what she said, follow up was great. She was the main reason we did the promo with the fundraising cards and we will do it again for sure ...thanks"

checkmark Jill Mertens – Lake Oswefo HS
"I feel like this discount card fundraiser was a great success and I sold fundraising cards to our soccer coach while recommending your company."

checkmark Lisa Soars – Head Soccer Club Fundraising Coordinator (Lou Fusz)
"I wanted to let you know what a GREAT experience I had working with Liana. Our fundraising cards order did not end up being large, but her dedication to making sure we were satisfied and happy never stopped. Her follow-up was amazing, and she bent over backwards to be sure every one of my questions, and needs were met in a timely manner. She was also very pleasant and was never frustrated at the effort it took to reach me at times. She was wonderful to work with! The best of all soccer fundraising ideas available."

checkmark Jean Nishi - Nanakuli HS
"Thanks so much for all your help with my fundraising discount cards! I will definitely pass along your company name to others looking for a fundraising opportunity."

checkmark Greg Hoffman - Western HS
"I was very satisfied with the fundraising cards, the company, and the representative. I was very impressed with the fundraising cards. They are professional and very cool because they are personalized to our school and our sport. Thanks."

checkmark Sherry Richardson - Fellowship for Christian Athletes - Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams
"Your company helped us in a very crucial time and was very flexible to our needs. Your company helped us raise a great deal of money in a very short period of time. The product is perfect and very easy to sell. Your design team was very good especially because I was very picky as to what I wanted. The fundraising cards are very professionally done! I am very happy that I chose to work with you!"

checkmark Brian LaSusa - RCK Varsity Coach
"Everything was great! Tim Vining was attentive, enthusiastic, and flexible. I will definitely use your company again for our discount card fundraiser! Thanks!"

checkmark Tiffany Harkleroad - Hottingham Cheerleading
"The company and the product (fundraising discount cards) were great! I would rate it a 9.5 out of 10! Top rated of all cheerleading fundraisers."

checkmark Marcia Turnmier - Trinity Band
"I am very happy with the company. Thanks to all of you for providing such great fundraising discount cards. You have worked hard, and it has paid off."

checkmark Katie Erdahl - Augustana College Atheltics
"For it being the first time working with Xtraman, and Liana, very successful first fundraiser with fundraising discount cards!"

Outstanding Businesses Who Support

Chad Alexander is the owner of Dealer Auto Glass AZ. Chad is always willing to help out the local communities fundraising efforts whenever possible. Dealer Auto Glass AZ specializes in windshield replacements in the Phoenix area. Other locations of Dealer are Dealer Auto Glass Phoenix and Dealer Auto Glass Mesa, in Arizona. Thank you Chad for your support! Visit Dealer Auto Glass LV if you travel to Vegas or Dealer Auto Glass Tucson if you find yourself in Tucson. Also, see their parent site at Dealer Auto Glass Replacement of Arizona located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Done Your Way, is one of the communities favorite cleaners. Specializing in carpet cleaning for the Phoenix area, DYW Carpet Cleaning has been a long time supporter of the local communities fundraising efforts. Thank you for your support!

Community favorite Doug Sims at Big Daddy Swimming Pools can always be seen lending a helping hand to a number of organizations around the Valley. As one of the top, Doug makes sure to give back! Thanks Doug!

Space Solutions, a family owned and operated company is a huge supporter of local fundraising efforts. Located at Solutions Garage Cabinets, their efforts do not go unnoticed! Thanks SP!

Lastly, one of this month's largest supporters are the great people at Dealer Locksmith of Phoenix located in Arizona. From youth soccer to BMX racing, Dealer Locksmith is always on the lookout to help support their local communities fundraising efforts! Thanks Dealer Locksmith!

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