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Cheerleading Fundraisers and Choosing the Best Fundraiser for Your Team

Cheerleading was established in the late 1800s as a way to encourage sports teams and uplift fans. It has evolved over the years to become a very competitive sport itself that requires a lot of hard work, training and practice, dedication, and physical fitness. Cheerleading, and the hard work that comes with it, isn’t reserved just for sports games, though. Many cheerleaders get the opportunity to perform in competitions with other cheerleading teams. These competitions earn the cheerleaders recognition and various other awards such as metals, trophies, scholarships, and money. The competitions and many other aspects of cheerleading often would not be possible without cheerleading fundraisers.

Cheerleading Expenses - There's Plenty

Cheerleading fundraisers are often held to raise money for things like uniforms, cheer camp, travel expenses, competitions, and coaching fees. These expenses can add up quickly but are necessary for cheerleading teams to become successful. Cheerleading uniforms alone can cost well into the hundreds of dollars and are the most important expense for cheerleaders aside from the training they receive from their coaches, who also have to be paid for their time and the skills they teach to their teams.

Cheerleaders attend cheer camps where they work exceptionally hard and long hours to learn different cheers, stunts, and routines. Then there are also competition fees, hotel expenses for competitions out of town, and travel expenses to and from competitions and games. Because the fundraisers are so important to the possibility and success of the teams, sometimes cheerleaders must think outside of the box to come up with new cheerleading fundraising ideas to help them pay for all these expenses.

Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas and The Importance of Picking the Right One

There are many outdated forms of cheerleading fundraisers that cheer teams use such as selling products or food items, holding raffles, car washes, and team booster events. The trouble with a lot of these cheerleading fundraising ideas is that the products they’re trying to sell are usually quite expensive and sometimes people cannot justify spending money on something they don’t really need or want, so the cheerleaders have a difficult time raising enough money to pay for all their expenses.

A better idea would be for cheerleaders to sell fundraising discount cards. Fundraising cards offer huge discounts to people on things they already do and places they already go such as dining out, going to theme parks, shopping, going to movie theaters, traveling, and many other places and activities. A discount card fundraiser would be an easier sell than candles, cookies, or car washes because everyone likes to save money when they can, and by purchasing fundraising discount cards they will be able to save far more than what they spent on the card itself - supporters love that!

Another great advantage to selling our discount cards is that the fundraiser is not limited to a local area like so many fundraisers are. Because we have around 300,000 discounts all over the country for your cheer supporters, the cards can be purchased by people who live in another city, state, or even another country, so the profits made from the fundraiser can increase that much more. If you’ve been looking at cheerleading fundraising ideas and want fundraiser that will give your team the most profits and will offer the most benefits to the people who buy the products to support your cheer team, then our discount card fundraiser is the best option for you.

Thousands already know, when it comes to cheerleading fundraisers, cheerleading fundraising does not get easier than this!

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Lastly, one of this month's largest supporters are the great people at Dealer Locksmith of Phoenix located in Arizona. From youth soccer to BMX racing, Dealer Locksmith is always on the lookout to help support their local communities fundraising efforts! Thanks Dealer Locksmith!

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