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Let us show you why supporters love ourFundraising Cards! More discounts than any other discount card fundraiser!

The #1 Discount Card Fundraiser - Our Cards Come Loaded With Massive Discounts

This makes them extremely easy to sell and why thousands continue
to come back to us every year

Discount Card Fundraisers

"These cards are loaded with awesome discounts and with the promotional $25 restaurant certificate on top, our supporters got back more than what they paid for the card with just that. This was the easiest fundraiser we have ever done!"
- Tiffany Jones (Mountain View HS)

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Thousands of organizations continue to come back to us each and every year

Millions raised and counting - see why below!

Supporters Love Our Fundraising Cards

With decades of experience in the fundraising industry, we continually found that supporters would much rather pay for something that saves them money at places they go to everyday, rather than OVER-PAYING for products they can easily get themselves (at the store down the street) like candles, cookie dough, candy, magazines, or catalog items.

It was with this eye-opening and factual information that we decided to focus all of our resources into providing the industry's best discount card fundraiser.

Success Story - Liberty Volleyball

One of our first success stories was with Liberty High School. Liberty High School needed 2 new air conditioning units installed for their gym before they hosted the state volleyball tournament. They could never raise enough with their limited old discount fundraising cards because of the limited discounts, which limited the opportunity. After switching to our fundraising discount cards, not only did they sell to more people, they were able to sell to family and friends all over the U.S. This allowed them to easily get to 2 much needed Air Conditioning units from Worlock AC Repair, who is also a card holder!

"You guys really know what you’re talking about in regards to supporter loyalty. I didn’t think the cards could do any better than last year, but this year's fundraiser was even better." - Derrick B (Soccer Director - Found on our Soccer Fundraising Ideas page!)

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Our Cards

Better Discounts

Better & More Discounts - Easier To Sell

Our customers fully understand that fundraising discount cards with better discounts to more places, are easier to sell. And, we all know that the easier they are to sell, the more money you raise and the smoother your fundraiser goes. Today, we are proud to offer the Nation's #1 discount card fundraiser - more discounts than any other fundraising program..

The simple fact that thousands return to us year after year is a true testament as to how successful we were in our quest to create the industry's greatest fundraising cards.

"I have used many fundraising discount card programs in the past and not one of them compares to the Xtraman fundraising discount cards. Because of the huge amount of discounts and the quality, our kids were able sell to friends and family all over the state and country. We saw a huge increase in sales because of this! See you all next year..." - Steve (Centennial HS Track - Via our High School Fundraising Ideas page!)

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Use Our Fundraising Discount Cards Everywhere

Because of the quality and quantity of the discounts that come with our cards, you can sell to anyone anywhere in the country and they will be able to use the card in their area to save a ton. Even supporters in your area can use the card all over the country. This greatly increases the number of people that can benefit from the cards - which means more sales and more money raised for your program!

"You all take great pride in offering an outstanding product for our supporters. There were so many discounts that came with your cards, that they appealed to everyone. As you could tell with our additional orders, they were extremely easy to sell. This was the first discount card fundraiser that our players and parents enjoyed being a part of and we were able to order all the Christian clothes and apparel we needed for our Christian School . Keep up the quality of work, it does not go unnoticed!" - Mike Welnick (Booster Club - Found from our Football Fundraisers & Fundraising Ideas For Sports Teams pages.)

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Nationwide Discounts

Anyone Can Support

We Help You Sell The Cards

Because our fundraising discount cards come with thousands of substantial discounts in all parts of the country, almost everyone will benefit from owning one - NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE. For this reason, we will create a personalized website for your program so that literally anyone who wants a card, can get one. All they have to do is go to the site and buy a card.

We even help you customize an email and social media post that will reach thousands of people - including our over 7 Thousand fans - to inform them about your fundraiser and how they can go directly to your site to purchase a card.

Some of our more nationwide vendors will help by promoting your cards to their customers. Vendors like PS Moving, Express Movers, Squeegeezy and Cooler Air Today will all promot the local sports team in their areas nationwide.

"Fundraising doesn't get any easier!" - Kim Anderson (Cheer Coach - Via our Cheerleading Fundraisers page!