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Soccer Fundraising

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There are many levels of soccer from youth teams all the way up to professional soccer teams, and there are also expenses associated with playing soccer. Many people, especially at the youth level, would not be able to play soccer if it were not for soccer fundraising ideas and soccer fundraisers to help with the expenses.

Fundraising discount cards allow people to receive discounts on things like dining out, shopping, traveling, amusement park admissions, movie theater tickets, and thousands of other places and activities. These days, people are looking to save money rather than spend money. More supporters will choose to supporter your soccer team simply because you are offering discount cards for fundraising that they can use to save money at the places they already go and to things they already do, making your soccer fundraisers much more successful. For our cheerleaders, visit our Cheereleading Fundraisers page or the football Fundraisers page.

"You guys really know what you’re talking about in regards to supporter loyalty. I didn’t think the fundraising cards could do any better than last year, but this year's high school fundraising ideas were even better." - Derrick B (Soccer Director)

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