10 Top T-Shirt Fundraising Sites that Rock

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10 Top T-Shirt Fundraising Sites that Rock

Achieving your end goal for a project or cause is often dependent on developing strong financial backing. Like with a bake sale fundraiser, t-shirts are one of the most effective ways to raise money. It’s a very predictable and reliable method. It’s often as simple as drafting a memorable slogan and marketing the product. It’s an effective way to rally support for your project.

Selling t-shirts is a prevalent fundraising strategy. It’s used to promote concerts, charities, marathons, sporting events and even art auctions. It’s used in business as a way to generate brand awareness as well. Organizations like Union Station have created a t-shirt campaign online and seen massive success.

Fundraising is almost a staple of our society. People will often pitch in for family gatherings and vacations, college tuition, medical procedures and so on. Nonprofits also offer it to their network of supporters via social media. It’s also done peer to peer, where people donate through an online platform.

Here’s how it’s done. First, you design an original t-shirt, and then you make it available online. There are websites that allow you to create the artwork and promote it on major social networks. They’ll even handle the fulfillment and shipping for you as people purchase your merchandise through their platform.

It’s not as if these integrated services and online shopping platforms will do all of the work for you. However, you can dedicate more of your time to connecting with your audience and asking for their help in supporting a worthy cause. Since everyone is comfortable and enjoys wearing t-shirts, it’s an easy sell for the right purposes.

Recognized Online Platforms that Help You with T-Shirt Fundraising

1. Zexex Sports

This platform is a popular venue for sports teams and clubs. It allows you to create a killer logo for a series of shirt types. It’s a turnkey solution for athletic-based organizations. You can also create a store for your project, where people can donate by purchasing directly there. There aren’t any up-front costs, and it allows you to focus on your promotion strategy, rather than technical details.

2. Bonfire

This platform focusing on crowdfunding and executing marketing campaigns for it. It has an excellent shopping cart for selling t-shirts, as well as many other useful features, including a dedicated fundraising component.

It’s suitable for entire organizations and individuals alike. You create a simple yet elegant site design, upload your t-shirt design and even set up a donation option. They charge 8% altogether for processing and use of the platform, but there are no additional or upfront fees.

3. Nifty Campaigns

This platform integrates donors to your online campaign and social media pages. They have a unique feature that works like a social media button. It’s simple, attractive and engaging, and allows the supporters of your cause to connect quickly with your web pages.

It’s also beneficial to the networking aspect of your campaign. David Cohen, who was the deputy director of the CIA from 2015-2017, pointed out that networking should be your main focus right from the beginning. He also says that it’s a way to fuel your fundraising and create organic growth later on.

Online-only campaigns are exempt from fees and charges. However, they charge a 5% commission for nonprofit organizations. They also distribute t-shirts in bulk, with individual pricing worked out for each order.

4. Fundly

This platform is specifically catered toward crowdfunding campaigns, like with an animal shelter fundraiser, for example. When people donate to your cause, your custom t-shirts are added in as a bonus for donations of a certain amount. If you want to specify a specific amount for donations, you can. They also have t-shirt design and shopping cart technologies.

5. Nature’s Vision

This platform is a green or environmentally conscious avenue for related fundraisers. They make their t-shirts 100% with organic cotton, with the option to select effective pre-made designs based on the theme. You can peruse their entire catalog for free.

6. Inkd Apparel

The people behind this platform are experts in fundraising online, and are willing to consult with you on your campaign. They’re known for getting in the trenches and working hands on with nonprofit organizations. A nonprofit can build a website from scratch and integrate it across the web. They don’t charge any fees for creating a campaign, so it’s perfect for first timers.

7. Fan Cloth

This company works with sports teams and schools. By using an incentive program, they’re able to get students and supporters active and interested in getting results for your cause, which is a great school trip fundraising idea. Remember that quality pictures of the product is one of the most critical ways to establish legitimacy in the eyes of your donors.

8. Qgiv

This platform is rather unique in its execution of some of the methods we’ve talked about. You have a dedicated storefront which you can use to promote to your donors and supporters directly. However, it also has a crowdfunding component that’s integrated to your network of friends and associates.

9. Charidy

This platform delivers a plethora of online fundraising tools and features. You get a curated guide from beginning to end of your campaign. They also provide support for selecting campaign objectives, creating a marketing plan and even properly reporting your taxes. There are no upfront fees associated with this platform.

10. Click & Pledge

As its name implies, this platform is about simplicity and effectiveness. Everything from page creation to social media integration is handled here, with the ability to upload custom photos. This is important for social media, as the correct format is required to prevent your images from looking blotchy, stretched or low resolution. They also provide campaign metrics and custom reports.


If you’re looking for a solid way to raise funds for a legitimate cause, strongly consider a t-shirt campaign. People are more motivated to purchase an item that’s devoted to a worthy cause, and virtually everyone is comfortable wearing a t-shirt. With this list of platforms, you can find a perfect fit for you, depending on your organization, cause, expertise and funding goals.