Food to Sell at School Fundraiser

Fundraising season is coming up. You want to do all the preparations to make more profits during this season. For this, you will have to find the best food to sell at school fundraiser.  You might have different types of food in your mind. You need to focus on each of them to know which ones will be more appreciated during the season. In addition, you will have to consider some easy to manage food options that can make the most profit for your school. If you are looking for food to sell at school fundraiser, than look no further.

Food to Sell at School Fundraiser



This is something everyone loves to have, regardless of age.  Both the smell and taste are tempting. You will get buyers in no time. More importantly, it is easy to prepare. Popcorn also doesn’t require a big investment. You will onlyFood to Sell at School Fundraiser need some basic supplies to prepare and sell popcorn. In addition, it offers 78-95% profit margin. Therefore, it should come to the top of the list. You can start with a minimal investment and can make huge profits.

Cheese and Nachos

Cheese and nachos are great fundraising food since they appeal to many. The preparation process is also easy and hassle-free. Cleanup for cheese and nachos will also not be as long and there will be less food waste overall. Also, you do not need extra effort to get the attention of buyers. With these food options, there will be a 58-75% profit margin.

Pretzels and Pizza

These two types are popular across all the age groups. When you choose both these options, you can use your warmer in the best possible manner. Both pretzels and pizza can be kept warm and can be easily displayed with the combo racks. Also, these favorite two types of foods are sure to draw attention to your fundraiser.

Hot Dogs

Easy to eat and delicious, hot dogs are a favorite. Hot dog rollers are easy to clean and durable. These are also available in different sizes to easily meet both the large and small volume needs.Make sure you also have some condiments for the hot dogs. The profit margin for hot dogs is 57-71%.

These are a few popular types of food to sell at any school fundraiser. There are more food options than the ones above, whatever you choose always ensure that your profit margins are high. Over a decade of experience, Xtraman Fundraising has great knowledge to assist in any school fundraiser.


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