Fundraising Ideas For a School Trip

Fundraising is necessary for schools to support sports teams, clubs and even trips. Many schools, in fact, operate through money they receive from fundraising. However, traditional fundraising has become a bore to many parents and teachers. But, nowadays, there are unique and creative ideas that can motivate everyone to participate and contribute towards this course. If you are trying to raise some funds for a school trip, here are some fundraising ideas for a school trip that are sure to excite many people.

Fundraising Ideas For a School Trip


1.Crowding Websites


Top on our list is this activity that is not only versatile but also useful for busy fundraisers. The crowdfunding campaign is one of the best ways to get people to contribute towards your goals. It involves signing up on a crowdfunding platform and creating free online fundraising pages, which can be shared by emails or social media.


With this tool, you can explain where you are going, why you need to go to that trip and what you will be doing while you are there. You can also use this tool to track donations and monitor the progress. Of course, the host website takes a small percentage, but it’s a good way to share your goals and get donors rolling in.


2. Treasure Hunt


Who does not like treasure hunts? They are for students of all ages and especially exciting for young students. Think of a theme of the day and ensure that it is related to the academics. Let students participate in their own teams and do not forget to award the winning team. Treasure hunts are easy to organize and a nice way of getting everyone to participate in the fundraising activity.


3. Organize a Sale For Used Books


A few weeks before the fundraiser ask the students and the teachers to bring in their gently used books that they aren’t using. Then send an invitation to parents and other potential donors and have them come and check the books out. You might be surprised by the number of people who will buy the books.


4. Get Artsy


Let the students and teachers do art and craft. Encourage them to draw their best images either in groups or with their parents. After, you can collect the drawings and display for the public to purchase them. Remember also to get in touch with the local art shops to get the art donated.


5. Offer a Service


Think of any service that the students can offer and do that at a small fee. For instance, you can plan for a car wash day, or you can offer to walk dogs or even run errands for busy people. After you have scheduled for the day, ensure that you do effective advertising and don’t forget to inform the public that the students are working hard for an unforgettable trip. This way they will feel motivated to let the students offer the services and might even tip. This is one great way to fundraise for a school trip.


These fundraising ideas for a school trip truly has many overall benefits. But without proper planning, you can end up wasting the opportunity. So, ensure that you carefully plan for this day and if money is going to be used in any way, be sure to include a budget. For more information on fundraising, Xtraman Fundraising has experienced professionals ready to answer your questions.

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